Monday, May 3, 2010

Dancing down the aisles in Bobcaygeon!

What a terrific way to start the tour!

Bazza, Chris & Joe had the congregation totally engaged in the rhythm of generosity.

Reverend Lloyd Paul offered a very biblically solid message about the Easter of new seeds planted in good soil (Matthew 13: 1 - 13). He spoke of the century old friendship between Dondi and the United Church of Canada and of the warm reception he and Bazza received on their journey there last July.

The Angolan people are an inspiration to us here in Canada.
We are suffering from a diminished church. A whole generation is missing.
But if the Angolans can rebuild, then how can we take heart from their example.

The drum beat picked up that message and invited the congregation to dance their offering into the centre of the sanctuary.

Reverend Allan Reeve of Bobcaygeon said "i never thought i'd see the day when this church would be dancing in the aisles".

What a powerful Easter experience!

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