Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drumheller or Bust??

So we're driving down the highway from Saskatoon to Drumheller, it's a beautiful sunny day, and we're on route to Didsbury to spend the evening with David and Margaret Gilchrist.

Bazza suggests a secondary road, scenic, but devoid of services, and the hapless Abbey North Drummers are clearly more taken by the view then the gas gauge, and the intrepid trio runs out of gas in the proverbial 'middle of nowhere'...

Well, one good thing about the prairies, you can get a cell phone signal out there under the big sky, and after a well-placed phone call, help is on the way from Hanna, AB, while Bazza plays guitar into the side of the trailer, so the wind didn't blow away all the notes!

The upside, once we were on our way again, it meant hitting Drumheller and the Badlands at sunset - simply stunning!!

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